CIA Radio, a different kind of Gothic Radio.

Unlike many (not all) stations of the scene, we have our attention to the music we play, only on quality and not on the level of awareness.


Besides the well-known names of the scene, there is also music from unrelated sectors genres, but quite fit into the scene and especially newcomers or "lesser known" artist to hear. Radio is primarily intended to be fun and that's our motto. We? This is a small team of presenters and DJs with years of radio and DJ experience, who have gothics lived through all the ups and downs.

Come with us on a journey through the fantastic world of music!
- Hand sorted AutoDJ (We love music)
- genre-specific playlists every night
- Known, unknown and newcomer in Auto DJ, Playlists and Liveshows
- frequently new music
- streaming 24/7


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